Ivar’s Salmon House or: Why America is Fat.

I was invited to a birthday brunch this morning at Ivar’s Salmon House in Seattle on the north side of Lake Union.  There are a few restaurants in this area that have Sunday brunches, mostly seafood restaurants.  The famous ones are Salty’s over in the Alki neighborhood, the other one was Ivar’s.  This is the one I went to and let me tell you, you really get to see why America is not at all healthy when you experience meals like this.

First, let me preface this by saying I’m not an overweight guy, I’m average with a little stomach.  It’s not a flat stomach, it’s not big, it’s somewhere in between and definitely where all my weight goes to so while meals like this probably aren’t good for me, I could afford to eat them every now and then (although lately it’s been more now).  The buffet is ridiculous, here is a bad screenshot of it from the official website:

The food was amazing, but words can’t really describe how unhealthy it is.  I can try running down a few of the items on the menu, just remember, it’s all covered in oil or leaking it.  There are sausages, bacon, omelet station, meatballs, fish and chips, eggs benedict, crab cakes, waffles, bbq ribs, cheeses, deli meat, and fruit to dip into a chocolate fountain.  This is just a small sample of the food available here but man, it is not good for you.  Even the fruit eventually gets dipped into chocolate so say goodbye to the nutritional benefits of having strawberry’s for dessert.

I know I sound preachy here and for a first post on my blog, I don’t want to scare people off so let me sum this random post by saying that I’m not complaining about the health of the food here or the health of people in this country, what I am simply saying is that you MUST go to a brunch buffet here in Seattle and understand that while what you are eating is insanely unhealthy, it’s also the unhealthiness that makes it sooo sooo good!

See what I did there?  You thought I was going to get preachy, no way, unhealthy food is the best kind!  I never had a salad and felt the need for a celebratory cigarette afterwards!


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