Review: Monday Night Raw, Seattle, WA 10.11.10

When I was in college 7 8 9 years ago, I saw two live WWE (WWF at the time) events in Providence, RI.  This was back when wrestling had Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, and the Diva’s was still in its infancy.  It’s been a while since I saw a live event but my interest in wrestling never lessened.  Luckily I’m at a point in my life where if I want to do something I do it, irrespective of what others might think of my decision.  Tonight’s decision to go to Monday Night Raw was definitely one where others looked down on me for it and you know what, it that stopped me from going, I doubt I’d play videogames, watch cartoons, or go to baseball games when my team is losing.  Sorry for the tangent, back on topic.

I’ve wanted to go to tonight’s Monday Night Raw event ever since I heard about it.  I didn’t know anyone that wanted to go but luckily, at the very last minute, my friends Kevin and Frank pulled through and agreed to go with me.  I’m not afraid to go to places alone, I go to concerts and movies alone all the time but for some reason, I wanted to go with people to the show tonight.  They were in for it and it was really fun watching them be at a place that was so out of character for them.  They really stepped it up for me tonight and came with me and did me that favor of stepping outside of their comfort zone.  I will admit it went on a bit long but I think they were great sports and I thank them profusely.

A view from my seat.

The show itself was pretty wonderful to me.  I’ve been watching wrestling pretty regularly for most of my life.  When Smackdown and Raw parted ways, I chose a side and went with Monday Night Raw.  It was a tough decision but all these years later, I think I made the right one.  Don’t get me wrong, there were downtimes for the WWE.  When Stone Cold and the Rock left, there was a major lull in viewers and overall entertainment value.  WWE was losing viewers left and right but somehow, Vince Mcmahon never gave up and then one day a man named John Cena joined the WWE and with him came an excitement that single handedly saved the entire business.

Tonight’s even showed just how much the business was saved.  Watching wrestling on TV is one thing but unless you are there, you don’t feel the energy of the action/story line or the sense that you are actually a part of the show you are watching.  You almost feel like your voice and actions have a direct impact on the outcome of the story (even though it’s all scripted, this doesn’t matter when you let yourself really get into it and give up a bit of your own reality in the process).

With all of the negatives facing wrestling nowadays, whether it be the one time drug issues, the scripted nature of the action/story, or the overall hokeyness most people feel towards wrestling, it is still incredibly fun to be at a live event.  You feel the other fans excitement and you can’t help but join them in suspending belief and reality and pretending what you are seeing is real.  It’s not a sport, it’s entertainment.  You got to a movie to see a scripted experience, seeing a live wrestling event just lets you witness that movie in person.  I had a great time and I’ll continue to go in the future, only next time it has to be someone other than Kevin and Frank.  They did their time, someone else needs to come in and step up to the plate.  Always try everything once, it’s the second time that you can say no!


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