About DAK

DAK enjoying a deep fried Snickers

That's me enjoying a deep fried Snickers. Random enough?

Thanks for randomly coming across my page.  Random is definitely the crux of this site, as it is in my life and definitely when discussing the space between my ears.  I have a unique way of seeing life, not too far removed from reality but just enough to keep people entertained with my random comments, observations, and experiences.  This site is simply a forum for me to get these comments, observations, and experiences down on paper.  I am doing this to amuse myself and keep a permanent record of my life.  If anyone finds it interesting enough to read and follow, that’s just icing on the cake that is this creative outlet.

I consider this blog to be a safe place, where I am free to say what I want regardless of the ramifications that might come along the way.  If you are offended by what I say or disagree, please comment so we can discuss but understand that this is a place where I can say what is on my mind in whatever way I choose.  Hopefully if you made it here, you are open minded and willing to listen to me talk about the controversial and mundane parts of life.

This is just beginning, and honestly, if no one reads this, it’s ok.  I’m not in this for the money or fame (trust me, there won’t be either of those things happening anytime soon) but if I can look back in a year and laugh at myself, then I did a good job.


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